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Wiltshire Hare Ring
Wiltshire Hare Signet
Classic Ring Setting
Ring Box
Wiltshire Hare Ring
Wiltshire Hare Ring

Wiltshire Hare Ring

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What’s hare today could be gone tomorrow! Captured by contemporary artist Joanna May, the Wiltshire Hare is the first in our limited edition 'Artist Collection'. Mysterious and always changing, this furry friend delights.

May is famous for her paintings of hares and says this of her work, "It all started with the hare – what interests me is the mystical side to them, we don’t know much about them and their habits."

This timeless piece features the Wiltshire Hare Signet and Classic Ring Setting. The signet fits into all Blush & Bashful settings and the ring setting accommodates all of our interchangeable signets.

Blush & Bashful jewellery is proudly made in the UK and all products are individually crafted by hand.

Product Details
ID RG1708-1X
Size H, I, J - Small
J, K, L - Medium
L, M, N - Large
Materials Sterling Silver, Onyx

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