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Heart Diamonds

Showcasing one of the world’s most recognisable symbols of enduring love, the Heart Shaped Diamond is a fancy-cut gem that signifies emotions with just one glance.

For the romantic and sentimental, the Heart Shape appeals to those who are looking for an obvious and clever sentiment. At the base level, this cut is essentially a Pear Shaped diamond; however, a well-defined cleft is added between the lobes of the stone to create the two sides of a heart. An ideal piece would have an apparent heart shape, an even height and breadth at the top of the arches, and colour faintly visible at the corners. The Heart cut is considered a modified brilliant cut, and although dimensions vary, it typically contains 59 facets. Making this choice even more individualised is the inability for a jeweller to create a perfectly proportional heart. Because of this, a wide shape variation is present when looking at the outline. Some run the risk of being fatter and squattier than others, and some may appear too stretched out. Even the best proportioned shape isn’t mathematically perfect so the final result is a matter of personal taste.

Heart Shaped diamonds require a four-prong setting to support the stone and because of the varying shapes, are best purchased in person and not online. Because of the complicated nature of this high grade diamond cut, the quality of the cutter is of utmost importance. The cutter must be able to expertly create the symmetrical pair of lobes and peak point. The Heart Shaped cut contains both convex and concave angles and a more elongated shape and these complexities can cause the diamond to suffer from the “bow-tie” effect, a black-mark shadow effect. Although the “bow-tie” shadow is not suffered as badly as it is with Marquise Cut diamonds, it is almost impossible to completely avoid. If the stone is poorly proportioned, it is easy for them to lose brilliance, leak light through the bottom of the pavilion, and reduce reflected sparkle. Picking a Heart Shape diamond taken from a rough stone that is not too thin will help assure a proper crown to pavilion faceting balance.

Becoming abundant in the retail market, the Heart Shape cut is incredibly versatile and is featured not only in engagement and promise rings, but as pendants for necklaces, brooches, bracelets and earrings alike. It is like wearing the heart on the sleeve with its obvious message. It certainly is a cut that instantly catches the eye, summons feelings, and displays affection.