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Radiant Diamonds

A fusion of square and rectangular cutting styles produces the shy but brilliant Radiant cut, a "squarish" display that combines the attributes of several fancy cuts.

This is a hybrid cut, a cross between a Princess cut and an Emerald cut. It melds the best features of a Round Brilliant diamond, the square shape of the Princess cut, the aesthetics of a baguette, and the cut corners of the Emerald cut. The originator of the Radiant, Henry Grossbard, referred to his design as a "briantized step cut." Only recently developed, this 1977-produced stone has a presentation that has helped make square stones more popular and commonplace in the general market. Like the Princess cut, it is normally used on rough near-square stones rather than oblong ones.

The Radiant has a strong look with a unique sparkle that differs from an Emerald or Princess cut because of the way the eye is drawn to the piece. The cut and polish give the impression that they are radiating from the centre of the jewel so the eyes naturally shift to the middle. Rather than being drawn and then held into the centre of the diamond, the eye follows the radiation outward, and surveys the sparkle and brilliance of the entire stone as a whole.

Visually, this cut spreads its carat weight well. The previously described radiation of the cut definitely gives the appearance of a larger diamond. This slight visual illusion is an attractive quality. In addition, there is also an important physical spread of carat weight. Because a step cut is partially employed, the diamond does not have to give some of its carat weight over to depth in order to obtain brilliance. When set, this further enhances the appearance of a much larger diamond.

Cropped corners are incorporated into the facet design to achieve a square-like diamond without the peril of pointed corners. Pointed corners are susceptible to chipping, so this risk and the requirement of a setting that protects the corners is eliminated from the Radiant cut diamond equation. The overall shape is best described as sort of, but not completely square. It’s an undefined rock, at best. Due to its large facet, the Radiant cut diamond will show inclusions and imperfections very easily, so the quality of the diamond is of utmost importance.

For a luxury, fancy cut oblong diamond with unparalleled brilliance and scintillating light refraction, the Radiant has virtually no competition. The unique difference of this diamond is revelling in the fun of the shape and the spread of the sparkle.