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Round Diamonds

The Round Brilliant diamond is a fiery and feisty stone, the most popular cut on the current market. Chosen for its fine quality and reputation as the highest perfected standard in modern gemmology, the Round Brilliant is the top tier cut for most rough diamond shapes.

Also known as an "ideal" cut, this gem was first developed and specified in the early 20th century by Marcel Tolkowsky, a mathematician born into a diamond cutting family. He determined that better proportioning of the Perruzzi cut, which had been in use since 1700, would result in a more brilliant display. Tolkowsky’s specifications required improved proportions and a finished diamond of increased depth. The result, although sacrificing some weight for improved brilliance, was more visually stunning. Contemporary modifications of this produced the modern Round Brilliant, the most scientifically accurate and brilliant cut available.

The cut is actually a mathematically calculated maximisation of angles, which reveal a stone’s most scintillating properties. Because octagonal is the natural shape for cutting a diamond, the Brilliant’s structure, although close to a perfect circle, cannot mathematically exactly achieve a perfect round. Faceting ranges from 58 to 100 per gem and is the reason precise circumference cannot be accomplished. However, this gorgeous and complex masterpiece is as close as it can get and from above, appears flawlessly round. The relation of crown to pavilion facets demonstrates balance of the stone and the cone-like bottom gives way for the best symmetry possible in diamond cuts.

The quest for perfection results in this cut being a diamond of high demand. It is the responsibility of the cutter to examine proportions of each rough stone then decide upon the finished cut shape which will result in the most attractive and valued gem. Unless there is strong reason to cut to another shape, most cutters will decide to go with a Round Brilliant; even when this decision might result in considerable weight loss. The desirable sparkle, overall appearance, and popularity can enhance the appeal of a Round Brilliant cut to demand more than enough money than required to offset the amount of reduced carat weight. Investors will give more, despite reduced weight, for this scientific finished stone.

It is helpful to understand the basics of light and that a polished diamond dazzles because of the way it reflects light traveling through it. The facets of a well cut diamond are set at the optimum angle to one another to permit the maximum amount of light to be refracted or reflected up through the crown toward the viewer. This and other factors, such as the proportion of the crown to pavilion and the minimal escaped light from the bottom, are reasons why the Round Brilliant is such a dazzling and demanded item.

Owning a Brilliant Round cut diamond is a choice bred from good research on quality over quantity. This ideal round cut may lose great weight in the cutting process, but is the most remarkably visual piece available. While not as wild as the novelty of a fancy cut, the Round Brilliant has staying power. This stone shows the most brilliance and prides itself as a gem that will be a prized investment and keepsake for years to come.