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History of Signet Rings

The signet ring has been around for thousands of years, originally being used as a signature or symbol of family heritage.  A family crest, or a symbol relevant to the wearer, was engraved directly into the metal of the ring, or an inset gem. The signet face would then be pressed into wax or clay to create the personal seal, or signature.

Throughout the centuries the signet ring has become a symbol of wealth and status, with noble families using it to display their family coat of arms. More recently the signet ring has seen a resurgence in popularity, and Blush & Bashful's goal is to create a signet ring for the 21st century - simple, stylish and customisable.

You may not have a family coat of arms, but you can still wear your Blush & Bashful signet with the pride of an aristocrat.