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Trillion Diamonds

The Trillion Cut is one of the most daring fancy cuts, designed for those interested in owning a non-traditional and high-end luxury stone.

The word "trilliant" is a broad term that refers to any diamond that is cut to resemble the geometric shape of a triangle. This triangle shape is incredibly alluring, as it certainly varies from the typical round and square options most often seen on the market. Trillions are mostly a pure triangle shape containing an average of 50 facets. They boast nearly straight sides and sharply pointed tips that lend to their expressive statement. Other Trillions feature curved sides and rounded points for a much softer look. The most important consideration with this gem is to know that a much sharper brilliance of fire results from rough stones that are deep enough to allow good scintillation from proper balance between the crown and pavilion. So a deep rough stone is the ideal canvas for the creation of a triangle shape. As so often is the case, proportion is of utmost importance when the cutter chooses his rough stone and consummates the work.

Trillions express a newer dimension in diamonds, finding acceptance from those who dare enjoy standing out from the crowd. As focal stones, a quality Trillion appears to weigh more than it actually does. For a more subtle uses, they make excellent choices for shoulder stones, accentuating a more traditionally cut centre diamond. Of course, not everyone considers radical styling a plus. And, unless the expense isn’t a huge economic decision, there are some sensible reasons for doing so. Buying trend diamonds can be an economic risk of greater proportion than most other vanity purchases one may make. For the most unique and attention-getting cut, the Trillion will definitely turn heads. However for a safety piece, there are more secure and enduring options than this fancy cut.

Apart from the avant-garde issue, there are several other considerations to keep in mind. There is a tendency among those in the market for Trillions to overlook the finer points of the selection process in their eagerness to acquire their unusual diamond and, sadly, those in the diamond selling business who know this is so. After assuring the depth is proper, try not to miss a lesser quality diamond due to oversight of the fabulous shape of a Trillion. Also of note, a Trillion cut with sharp points must be mounted in a way that protects the points from chipping. Diamonds might be the hardest natural occurring material but they are also brittle. The extreme angles of a triangle shaped diamond make them very susceptible to wear and tear in those sensitive pointed tips. The crown and the pavilion of this style are both created with brilliant cuts and will be costlier for the level of difficulty and lustre.

Certainly a purchase that shows a different level of interest in diamonds than an average stone, the Trillion portrays a sophistication and creativity that is reserved for those who are truly connoisseurs of luxury diamonds.